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Your Questions About Church Windows

Daniel asks…

True Christians: How can we know you’re *the* True Christians?

During the crusades, True Christians marched on Jerusalem or supported their troops, and those who spoke out against them were not considered True Christians….Yet Martin of Tours was generally considered a true Christian by them. He threw down his sword and said a man couldn’t be a solider and a True Christian.

During the Protestant Witch-hunts and Catholic Inquisition, people who opposed the church were killed, even if they opposed the church killing people. These people were “not True Christians.” Now the hunters and inquistors are “not true Christians.”

Some Christians have been on the wrong side of civil rights, the wrong side of slavery, the wrong side of child labor, the wrong side of human rights and now many Christians tell us they were “not True Christians”

So, I ask you, when you say you are a True Christian, how can we believe you…why should we believe you…. when history‘s going to label you a false Christian?

What evidence can support your claim?

Doug answers:

Labgrrrl: Here is what I have found.

When I’ve asked that question of some of my fundamentalist brothers and sisters, the answer I get is something like:

“Well, back then, when some Christians were saying that the earth was flat and the center of the solar system, they just didn’t know everything that we know now. Today we are given all the answers by Jesus.”

“Well, back then, when some Christians were saying that black people weren’t really human beings and so slavery was ok because it’s condoned in the Bible, they just didn’t know everything that we know now. Today we are given all the answers by Jesus.”

“Well, back then, when some Christians were saying that Jewish people weren’t really human beings and so their mass execution was ok, they just didn’t know everything that we know now. Today we are given all the answers by Jesus.”

So it brings up the question: in 100 yrs, when somebody asks a fundamentalist of the future why his doctrinal ancestors oppressed, slandered, and called for the murder of gay people, they’ll say “Well back then, when some Christians were saying that it was ok to oppress gay people ….”

Etc, etc, etc.

John asks…

Can you pleases help me summarize this ( 10 pts)?

A century ago, 300 African Americans worked together to establish the town of Allensworth, California, a community that thrived for many years. Recently, a two-day celebration was held there to honor the town’s 100th birthday. The celebration also paid tribute to the town’s place in the history of civil rights.

In honor of its 100th birthday, Allensworth hosted a variety of family events. These included bike rides, music and dance performances, history exhibits, and town tours. Thousands attended. Several guest speakers talked about the town. They said that to its residents, it was more than a hometown; it was a new beginning.

The town of Allensworth is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It was founded in 1908 by a retired Army colonel and escaped slave. His name was Allen Allensworth. Allensworth held the honor of being the Army’s first African-American colonel. He served in the Civil War. Allensworth set up the town on fertile land in California’s San Joaquin Valley. He imagined a place where African Americans could own property and live with dignity in a self-sufficient farming community. His goal was to a build a town that would thrive. He believed it would then alter the poor views of African Americans during a time of intense racism. These views were evidenced first by slavery and then by Jim Crow segregation laws.

“[It was] a conscious effort to combat racism at a time when there was very little [being done to combat it],” said Lonnie G. Bunch. Bunch is founding manager of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. Allensworth was unique in its sociological and political mission, Bunch said. “It was more than creating an all-African-American community; there was a national political strategy involved in the founding of Allensworth that makes it unique.”

Recognizing that education would be the key to their success, Allensworth residents placed great importance on learning. The town made the school the largest building in town. Citizens taxed themselves in order to hire an additional teacher beyond the one paid for by the state. City planners initially pictured a college in the town center. In 1913, however, California’s state government voted down funding during its drive to end segregation. In addition to schools, townspeople valued libraries as a source of learning and erected the county’s first free public library.

The public library was only one of the town’s many firsts. Allensworth residents elected California’s first African-American justice of the peace. They also elected the first African-American constable.

“I call the Allensworth pioneers ‘Genius People,'” said Alice Calbert Royal. Royal was born in Allensworth in 1923. “They had a vision that would uplift an entire race of people,” she said.

Allensworth flourished for 12 years, until several events caused the town to decline. Colonel Allensworth died suddenly. The wells that irrigated the town’s farms dried up. The Santa Fe railroad moved the train’s stop to a neighboring town. Eventually, educated young people began moving away in search of jobs.

But Allensworth is sometimes referred to as “the town that refused to die.” It went on to assume a different form. In the 1970s, the California government recognized the town’s historical importance. It turned Allensworth into a state park. Since then, on streets named after such influential African Americans as Sojourner Truth and Booker T. Washington, many of Allensworth’s buildings have been restored. These buildings include several houses, two general stores, a church, and a schoolhouse.

“Out of this community came people who believed… that anything is possible,” said Lonnie Bunch, who spoke at the celebration. `

Doug answers:

In 1908 the town of Allensworth, California was established. This town was established by an army colonel named Allen Allensworth. He was the first African American Colonel in the Civil War. Allen wanted to establish a town for African Americans that would thrive, promote self dignity among AAs and help rid the negative views lots of AAs had about society during an intense time of racism.

Allen wanted to work on advancing african americans so he wanted to make sure that this new town was focused on educating african americans. Education would be the key to AAs success in America. The largest building in this town was the school.

Im sure you can add some more sentences.

Jenny asks…

Christians and people who can answer understandingly plz!?

Please answer seriously. I’m confused enough as it is.
Well… I knew this boy since I was in the older grades in elementary school. I immediately felt a certain way towards him, but I wouldn’t call it a crush. It was more of a nostalgic-ish feeling, even though I had just met him. I did have a little crush on him later on though.
Throughout school, we have been drawn to each other, even though it is kept quiet. I think that is the reason we could never get over the other.
It’s weird though, because the feeling is unlike anything that I can describe. It is that nostalgic feeling, although it’s like the nostalgia comes from looking forward, not back, although who says that we would be in each other’s future? I tried and try to agree with my doubts, and yet, this feeling wouldn’t and still won’t go away.
I believe that God has a will for each of us. And I thought; well, maybe this boy is in His plan for me somehow. Then I disagreed, because I am only just heading towards the beginning of High School- why would something like that come to me this early? The inner battle continued. Finally, I started to pray.
We had this tour of an old church near my school. As the people were talking about it’s history, I randomly thought about that boy. (He is a grade above me, so it wasn’t like I saw him and was reminded to think about him.) And no, I don’t obsessively think about him all the time. He only really pops into my head when I’m around him, and when I think about my future. I seldom think about him during classes. That weird nostalgic feeling came over me again. Actually, the church carried the nostalgic feeling.
When I was in prayer, asking for guidance about the meaning of the strange feeling and my thoughts about it, I saw a vision. I’M NOT SAYING I’M PSYCHIC! I don’t believe in that. It wasn’t a day dream, either. It was very much a miracle. O.K. So it was me and that boy as adults saying our vows at that very church. I pushed it away as soon as it was gone and tried not to think about it. But I couldn’t. It just kept on coming back. Whenever I thought about my future even before that, he always popped into the picture. He just always… fit. Even beyond my feelings towards him.
So a few weeks ago, I had my first band practice. I learned that the boy had quit band, which was how I knew him. I thought that maybe my doubts were correct. But then, a friend of mine joined the church. She’s in a youth group there, and she saw the boy.
It all seems to tie together for me somehow. So I am I meant for him? Insight on this? I don’t know what to think!

Doug answers:

I would say that if God has a will for each of you and you find that your thinking about him ,maybe there is a great purpose for this .If not to be b/f and g/f then maybe God wants the 2 of you together as friend’s for support as there might be something in the future that one will need the other to lean on . If the feelings won’t cease it has got to be something

George asks…

Can I get into Dartmouth College?

So, I live in rural northern Minnesota (sort of an uncommon area) and my great and great-great-grandfathers both went to Dartmouth. My grandfather went to the University of Chicago. I am home schooled, and have been in contact with the Director of Admissions since 10th grade. I am INCREDIBLY paranoid that I will not get in! I guess I will just list everything, please don’t make fun of me:

Extracurricular activities
* Home school Basketball (10-12th grade)
* WHA Speech (11-12th grade)
* WHA Track and Field (9-12th grade)
† Home school Drama (9-11th grade)
† Home school Speech (10th grade)
‡ Lakes Area Mathematics and Science club (11-12th grade, president and founder)
‡ Trig-Star competitor (12th grade)
‡ Northern Minnesota Mathematics Contest competitor (12th grade)
‡ Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society Omega Chapter member (11-12th grade)
* National Forensics League (11-12th grade)
‡ Mu Eta Sigma National Math Honor Society (11-12th grade)
‡ MENSA member (11-12th grade)
‡ The National Society of High School Scholars (11-12th grade)
† Leadership Plenty (10th grade)
* Greater Akeley Youth Council (10-12th grade)
* Church youth group member (9-12th grade)
* Akeley Horizons Member (10-12th grade)
† Itasca-Mantrap Youth Tour alternate (11th grade)
‡ University of Minnesota Mini Medical School (12th grade)

* St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Jr. Volunteer 2nd Floor (9-12th grade)
* St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Volunteer Laboratory (11-12th grade)
‡ Local food shelf volunteer (11-12th grade)
‡ Rotary Foundation volunteer (11-12th grade)
* Church VBS volunteer (9-12th grade)
* Church youth ministry volunteer (9-12th grade)
† Cancer benefit volunteer (10th grade)

* Currently involved
† Finished
‡ Looking into

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology

Mathematics: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus

English: 9th grade: English Composition, Calligraphy, Grammar, Classical Vocabulary
English: 10th grade: Sophomore English, Shakespeare
English: 11th grade: Junior English, Grammar, Classical Vocabulary
English: 12th grade: Intro to Literature (PSEO), English Lab (PSEO), Grammar, Classical Vocab

Social Studies: Ancient World History, History of the Church, Current Events – Economics, History of Western Civilization (PSEO), Intro to Geography (PSEO)

Foreign Language: Greek 1 (Rosetta Stone), Greek 2 (Rosetta Stone), 3 years of Koine Greek, Elementry Greek I (PSEO), and Beginning German.

(I also took Art and Piano in 9th grade)

I am in 11th grade, and any of the courses I haven’t taken yet I am planning to take. I have a 4.0 GPA, and as a sophomore got a 166 on the PSAT, and a 22 on the ACT. I know they are very low scores for the Ivy League, but I have not even taken the SAT yet. I am planning on taking the SAT II test for World History and U.S. History. Also, I am going to take 7-8 AP tests: Chemistry, World History, European History, U.S. History, Human Geography, Biology, English Literature, and possibly Calculus AB. Additionally, my two letters of recommendation will be my speech coach and the CEO of the hospital where I volunteer. I will be applying Early Decision to the college this fall. What are my chances?
I still have my great-great-grandfather’s 1875 diploma, his Phi-Beta-Kappa gold watch, and a Dartmouth sheepskin banner from the same era!

Doug answers:

If you home schooled, how can your 4.0 GPA have any legitimacy?

It is all on your SAT, Kiddo. Have some back-up schools.

Carol asks…

Did Mormons discuss and agree with new Baptism Policy?

REPORTED today on NPR (Weekend Edition Sunday) was this Howard Berkes story about the changes in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS :

Mormons around the world are getting this warning Sunday: Stop posthumous baptisms of “unauthorized groups, such as celebrities and Jewish Holocaust victims.”

“Our preeminent obligation is to seek out and identify our own ancestors,” says a letter to be read in every Mormon congregation. “Those whose names are submitted for proxy [baptisms] should be related to the submitter.”

Mormons who continue to embarrass the faith by submitting the names of celebrities and Holocaust victims for the proxy baptism rite will lose access to the Mormon genealogical records, the letter warns. “Other corrective action may also be taken,” it says.

The letter is signed by church President Thomas Monson and his two “counselors” in the Mormon First Presidency, the top leadership of the faith.

The warning follows an avalanche of criticism about the Mormon practice of baptizing deceased souls into the faith. In recent weeks, an excommunicated Mormon who continues to do genealogical research in church baptism records has found the names of prominent Jews and Holocaust victims, including Anne Frank and Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter captured and killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.

“We welcome this as an important step,” says Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League and a Holocaust survivor.

Church members should understand why proxy baptisms are so offensive to the Jewish people,” Foxman adds, citing “near annihilation during the Holocaust simply because they were Jewish” and “forced conversions throughout history.”

Jewish leaders first raised concerns about the practice and the inclusion of Holocaust victims in 1992. Several meetings with Mormon leaders in the two decades since have resulted in promises to remove the names of Holocaust victims from Mormon baptism rolls and to screen baptism lists for those who died in concentration camps.

But some Mormons continued to place the names on baptism lists and conduct proxy baptisms in which the name of the deceased is read aloud while a living proxy is immersed in water.

The controversial practice has even touched the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney, a faithful Mormon. Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel called on Romney to denounce inappropriate baptisms after discovering Wiesel family members had been posthumously baptized.

Romney’s campaign referred questions about Wiesel’s statement to the Mormon Church.

Mormons believe the ceremony has no effect if the deceased soul rejects it.

Mormon policy, as the letter restates, is to confine the baptisms to ancestors, but as recently as 2009, one of the highest-ranking leaders of the church indicated otherwise.

Quentin Cook is one of the faith’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the group at the top of church leadership. During a tour of a new Mormon Temple in Draper, Utah, Cook described the posthumous baptism practice and belief.

“We concentrate first of all on our ancestors and then for the people in the world at large,” Cook told NPR.


10 points for your congregation’s perspective and the viewpoint of those on this L D S CHURCH change — thanks and God bless you

Doug answers:

This is an extremely odd way to “proselytize” — it is only by way of angry ex-Mormons that these “by-Name” Proxy Baptisms are taking place

Those of that Church membership should be ashamed that some are seeking to incorporate people of the Book who were never acquainted with this 19th century faith propagated by Joseph Smith into a “Master-Record” . . .

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Your Questions About Church Windows

Jenny asks…

Is going to church just to socialize bad?

I’m honestly not into the prayers and actual church. I like it because it a good social event. Is that bad of me? Will i go to hell?

Doug answers:

No, it’s not bad. In fact, it seems like the only practical reason for going to church at all. No you won’t go to Hell because Hell is a fictional place. You won’t go to Heaven if you’re all righteous either and you won’t go to Neverland if you sprinkle dust on yourself and jump out a window and you won’t go to Oz if your town get’s hit by a tornado.

Lizzie asks…

What are some self defense techniques I can use?

ok, well in our neighborhood an din the general area, there have been these men looking for girls my age to rape and/or kidnap for slave trade. We know this because this guy got arrested in a church at the end of my block with suspicious items and they did an investigation. Anyway, I’m home alone usually and I’ll be home alone a lot more starting next week and I’m freaking out. What are some self-defense techniques I can use to defend myself?

Doug answers:

Sounds like you are mostly worried about home invasion.
Make sure you have good locks, and make sure your doors and windows are locked every night.
When you are entering and leaving your home, be aware of who is around, or who may be watching. Trust your instincts. If there are strangers around, report them, or at least write down their description.
If you don’t already have one, form a neighborhood watch, or at least keep the lines of communication with your neighbors open-watch our for one another.
Invest in a gun, and some firearms training.
Every household usually has knives. Keep them sharp and keep them handy.
If approached by strangers, control the distance using voice and body language; keep them at a little more than arms length, and make your self look and sound assertive.

If someone grabs you, fight. If you feel that a person is about to attack, don’t wait. Make the first move. Attack the face and neck; or anywhere below the belt. Prime targets include the Nose, the throat, the groin, knees and shins, or the instep. Strike in flurries, and escape when an opportunity presents itself.

When walking the streets, pay attention. And travel armed. A folding knife is easy to carry. Pepper spray is okay, but not my favorite. A stun gun or a spring baton is also an option. Of course, the handgun is the ultimate, but remember if a person catches you unaware, your weapons, and almost any self defense you practice, is virtually useless.

Research, train, practice, and above all, beware and Be Aware.

Mark asks…

What’s the best way to spread christmas cheer?

I’ve always favored the latter holidays of the year, and I’ve noticed that these days the ol’ Christmas spirit has gone out the window! What happened to choirs singing door to door, every house with Christmas lights and displays, Christmas trees in the window, being extra nice and considerate, jolly attitudes?!

Doug answers:

Right? I love Christmas! :) I am in 9th grade and ive always wanted that perfect olden days christmas with sleigh rides and small towns. Last year and this year my best friends and I go caroling in my neighborhood! I am hoping for snow this year. Then I have a holiday party with them and I make all kinds of gourmet holiday appetizers and candies. I knit them all stocking ornaments and i knitted my brother a stocking. I listened to holiday music for two days straight! A great way to spread christmas cheer is to help out the homeless or donate clothes. Invite friends and family to church services and parties. Bake some cookies and bring them to neighbors :)
Happy holidays

Helen asks…

What are a few good reasons to join a fraternity/sorority?

I am open to joining a fraternity now because I want new friends and I want to take advantage of future networking down the road and help others excel in life.

I am going to ask about joining a fraternity next semester. I am a junior and I starting to become an introvert because I have been staying home. I am also on the verge of becoming a RA on campus so I will stay in a dorm for free. Basically, all I really need advice on is what to say to a fraternity member on campus when I tell them I am interested. I am pretty sure that they are going to say “why.”

Also, is having a relationship in the middle of college a good or bad idea? I am considering this because if I take 18 credits, live on campus, and join a fraternity I think most of my time will be out the window for a relationship. OMEGA PSI PHI is the fraternity if you are aware of it…

Doug answers:

Fraternities provide an opportunity for you to become more engaged in campus life and the community. Fraternal ties extend far beyond your college years, as well. Look over the Omega website and get to know the things it supports like health initiatives and social action. It is a very historic and well respected organization. Also, see if you can talk to an alumus. Your parents or your church pastor most likely will know someone.

The only thing that freaks me out a little bit, are the Omegas the guys that get the brands?

Linda asks…

How to create a church nursery?

We want to create a church nursery at our church. i need some ideas. thanks.

Doug answers:

Your first concern has to be safety. The room has to be big enough and fairly open so the kids can move around.

A room with a window is invaluable. It helps not only for lighting, but for fresh air. Stale air breeds germs.

We put an age range on our nursery so that babies don’t get hurt by waling kids. Our range is 18 months through age 4. You can get specific by having it be months, if you have a lot of kids.

Our church has tried having a crib in the nursery several different times, and have found that nobody uses it. We found that babies that little are in their carriers with their Mom. If we put a child in the crib, they just screamed to get out. The crib takes up a lot of space, too. And there is the issue of who is going to make sure the crib bedding is cleaned.

We have a bathroom right in the nursery, with a step stool in front of the sink. There is a changing table in the bathroom, too. We just used a kitchen cabinet and formica countertop, then put a pad with raised sides on it on top of the countertop. Diapers are stored in the cabinet.

Toys come from donations or garage sales. It is a constant battle to keep small pieces out of the toy area, as somebody is always bringing in a toy that isn’t age appropriate- either by donation, or by a kid coming in and leaving his McDonald’s toy on the shelf by accident.

You can get some ideas for furniture from the website for Discount School Supply, or Environments.

Basics you need are:
small table and chairs
books and book shelf that won’t tip over
toys and bins
rocking chair or adult sized chair for caregiver
paper and crayons
shelf to put things on out of kids reach
hooks for coats?
Possibly a TV and videos?

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Your Questions About Church Windows

Lisa asks…

What does my dream about a bus driving backwords mean?

I was in the bus talking to my friends , when my bus stop came, I got out of the bus and saw that there was a new school there.
Then the bus driver told us to get in the bus again so we did, and the bus was going backwards and wouldnt stop so alot of people were jumping out of the windows , I just opened the door and jumped of.

What does my dream mean? I already know what it means to ride a bus, but I wanna know what it means to be riding a bus thats going backwards.

Doug answers:

I know you say you know what riding in a bus means, but just to be sure, let’s review:

When you are driving, it means you are autonomous, taking control of your own destiny. If you are riding, it means someone else is in charge. For example, a kid or young person still living at home will often dream they are in the car with a parent driving.

Riding on a bus usually involves public life… Being part of an organization, such as a school, church, or corporation. If you were driving, that would mean you were in a significant role of leadership. If you are riding, it means you are under someone’s else’s authority.

In this case, the bus took you to a place where you saw a new school. That probably represents a new opportunity for learning and advancement. Whatever organization you are with seemed to be moving in the direction of providing opportunity for education and advancement. You (and others) were excited with this development.

Then, in the dream, the bus driver told you to bet in the bus again and went backwards. This represents your organization withdrawing the opportunity and taking you in a direction that definitely feels like regression, not progress.

All the people jumping off the bus represents the desire or decision to leave the organization that has caused you to move backward, not forward, in the areas of growth, education and opportunity.

Pray for wisdom as you consider your choices! I wish you the very best!

Daniel asks…

How do I find an English-speaking Baptist church in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Is there a church directory website that provides a list of Baptist Churches all over the country of Puerto Rico?

Doug answers:

Yes there is:

Just type in San Juan and pull Puerto Rico from the window and voila! There are 11 churches in San Juan.

Mandy asks…

What’s a good mastering program for my music studio software?

I have Cubase SL 2.0 and I’m running it on my laptop with vista windows. I’m looking for a good mastering program but I don’t want to spend too much money on it. I was looking at a limit of $500.00. I have downloaded m-audio’s Izotope and it sounds pretty good for the money but I wanted to know if there was anything better before I make an investment. Please let me no. Thanks.

Doug answers:

I use Adobe Audition 3 for mastering live recordings that i record at church onto my laptop that is running windows vista. Great program. It has multiple tracks also. It runs around $350 the website is
click on the play all button to view all the features and things it has.

Charles asks…

Spiritually speaking, why is it hard for gay people to live a pure chaste life?

The Church has millions of celibate priests and nuns who serve God and His church…they are unselfish and have committed their lives to God and His church

So, being chaste is not something that gay people ALONE have to go through. So, why cant gay people remain chaste and not corrupt the moral foundations and social fabric of this society?

Doug answers:

How exactly does the private sex life of consenting adults “corrupt the moral foundations and social fabric of this society”? Are you watching gay porn or peeping into your neighbor’s windows again?

William asks…

What is the best way for me to get more piano students?

I’m a SAHM who is currently teaching 6 piano students (two in my home and four at their home) and I hope to get more students. I’m looking for the best way to promote my business. I live in a small town and have already put fliers in local business windows, but that only got me one call! I was going to put fliers on mailboxes but apparently that’s illegal. Any ideas?

Doug answers:

My Mom was a piano teacher in a small town. She played for church, weddings etc. She had 40 students a week when she retired.
My 24 yr daughter teaches now. She is in fact having a recital today at…a music store. Get to know the local music store owners/employees. Put you card/flyer there. Go to the churches and post on their bulitin boards. If you are teaching, you should be good enough to play out in public. Offer to accompny school chiors, soloists, churches, weddings, funerals….That is the best way for you to get known.

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Your Questions About Church Windows

Steven asks…

how can i get a texas licence to buy wholesale flowers?

my father and stepmother are getting married through the church and we are having a family get together at our ranch home . I have always loved to do creative work and often buy retail flowers and arrange them. i would like to make the flower arrangments for the event but buying the flowers retial at the amount we need is not practicle. so i am trying to get a licence to buy wholesale flowers, but don’t know how and search engines are no help. i do not need a vendors licence because i would only use it for my personal use or for buying and arrging as gifts. can anyone help?

Doug answers:

Contact your local Sales Tax Office.


You need to find a business name for the Tax Number. $10.00 for a business name usually. Use to be $25.00 for the Tax Permit….

Sandra asks…

Who to contact about a free service for a more energy efficient home?

My grandmother had someone come out to make her home more energy efficient. They caulked and sealed her doors and windows and gave her energy efficient light bulbs, but she doesn’t remember who did it. It was a FREE service. I would like to have them check out my house but I don’t know who to contact. Any ideas??

Doug answers:

There are a variety of organizations that provide these types of services. I would start with her utility company to see if they offer audits and repairs then I would look at charities like habitat for humanity or church organizations. Many of these services are limited to low/fixed income or senior citizens.

David asks…

I am on our church computer and we agree to the new desktop pic. and we can’t remove the now 1 How 2 do that?

We have some program on here that we cannot find to remove it. For some reason it reverts back to the Thomas Kincade bridge picture. We want to have the one come up of our church with a rainbow over it. I have the picture in the computer here but I cannot change it over to this new one. Everytime we restart the computer it goes back to the bridge.

Doug answers:

Save the picture that u want to use in computer. Now, right click on that picture and click ”preview”. Now right click on the picture again and click ”set as desktop background”. It’s done. Close all windows and go to desktop. Your new wallpaper is set.

Linda asks…

What other ways can i advertise my Stringfellows Parties?

I have just become self-employed and im a party agent for Stringfellows Retail, so far so good but i am running out of ideas of where to advertise my parties and i really want to get more parties booked. So far i have tried business cards, adverts in shop windows and on shop counters, large posters in my car windows, telling everyone i no. I have around 15 parties booked, but no it could be much better, as some of my team have 30-40, i just need to know how to interst people, so if you can help me please do.

Thanks in advance!

Doug answers:

If you have a particular interest, find a club or group with your interest – or two – or more. If you like to fish, join a group which goes fishing and has meetings. If you like to quilt, invest your time and money joining that local club or group &&&& BE ACTIVE!!!! Get on committees, get to be known as a “can do” type of person. You should have fun [and Yes, some aggravation, too]. You should make some friends and begin networking. You may get some leads! AND look how much time, money and aggravation you’ll save! LOTS!

Be active in your church, temple or mosque – for the same reasons.

When you meet nice people AND they are nice to you, write a “Thank You” note – in your very best handwriting on good quality stationery with a matching envelope. Use white, off-white or a very light pastel paper. YOUR stationery is part of YOUR business, isn’t it? DON’T BE “CHEAP” about YOUR stationery.

How do I know “Thank You” Notes work? Over 6 years ago I had surgery. I wrote those little notes – one at a time in my best hand-writing. I wrote to each and every person: from the porter who mopped the floor in our room and emptied the trash, all my nurses’ aides, my nurses, the kitchen staff, my doctors, the hospital administrator and the hospital’s top philanthropist.

Not long ago I saw Dr. F. & Jerry. They IMMEDIATELY recognized me. They asked if they could do anything for me. “Jerry” told me he cherished and coveted my letter. I politely declined. I went about my business and when I got home that evening I cried tears of happiness. My little notes weren’t written in vain.

This is known as “warm canvassing”. Its easier and more productive doing warm canvassing than cold canvassing.

LEADS COULD TURN INTO BOOKINGS FOR PARTIES! Leads could mean income, couldn’t they?

As the saying goes, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

What the saying doesn’t tell anyone or even mention is: YOU MUST get out there and let “the world” know about that better mousetrap – YOUR better mousetrap! In your particular case, your better mousetrap is Y-O-U – YOU AND the services YOU offer!

Thank you for asking your question. I enjoyed taking the time to answer your question. You did a great job – not only for your information, but for every other person interested in reading my answer.

I wish you well!

Ron Berue
Yes, that’s my real last name.

Mandy asks…

What is the best software that is like PowerPoint but allows text over video backgrounds?

I make worship slides with lyrics on them for my church, but PowerPoint does not allow video loops in the background of the texts, instead the video loop over powers the texts and this cannot be fixed because PowerPoint doesn’t allow it in any way. Is there any software that is free or is fairly cheap that will get this job done for me? Thank you :)

Doug answers:

PowerPoint does let you put text, animated text, and other objects over videos, but you need to have the latest version of Powerpoint to do it. This is a new feature for PowerPoint 2010 (Windows) and PowerPoint 2011 (Mac).

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Your Questions About Church Windows

Mark asks…

I am looking for an adhesive to bond/melt Lexon pieces together?

Our church had made a red flame out of 1/4″ red Lexon sheets and during a recent windstorm the Lexon broke in 5 places. I was told there are adhesives which will melt the Lexon together but I cannot find it.

Lexon is the same material used for airplane windows.

Can anyone Help?

Doug answers:

Lexan is a poly carbonate material. I have seen bonding mastic for poly carbonates at Home Depot, Lowes and select glaziers. The glaziers work in Lexan and can give you advise.

Steven asks…

Why is christian iconography always imbued with a deep sense of depression.?

The statues of mary, jesus on the cross, every saint and prophet on the stainglass windows looks so bloody miserable.
Crying, moping or pointing towards something out of the scape of the window, and these were the people so sure that they were going to join with an almighty presence.
Why are they like this?
Is it to infuse the church goers with a wistful melancholy, or purely for artistic reasons?

Doug answers:

You got the wrong message. St Luke the painter, painted Mother n Child and that started the iconography.
Your question really is: Whether St Luke was in error when he painted the Virgin and Jesus.
Tradition tells us that St. Luke painted it on the top of a cypress wood table which came from the home of the Holy Family. At the request of the faithful, Mary sat for the portrait. Mary was pleased with the finished portrait, “My grace shall accompany it”, and so began the miraculous history of the painting. Venerated for nearly 300 years while hidden in Jerusalem, the painting was discovered by St. Helen while she was searching for the True Cross………
The angels and saints are God’s dominion and we think of one day, we shall join them in heaven is an awesome thought. Rejoice!!!!!

Back to my query: Is St Luke in error when he painted Mother n Child.

Ruth asks…

If you like fast cars & fast women, how come there’s no drive through window at a church?

Doug answers:

Very good question but you’re not the first to ask it

William asks…

Why does Y!A religiously protect our privacy by blocking our Q&A but reveal it on the Pulse?

Isn’t that kind of like a church having a secret meeting in a room made entirely of windows?

Doug answers:

I always thought this … There is heaps of other ways to find out what you post as well ..beside the pulse ..

Blue Foots mail me and I will send you a link that will show you many of the things you have posted on yahoo …NOTE I didn’t read the posts it is just to make you aware how unsecured yahoo and the internet really is … So don’t freak out I’m not snooping on you …

Susan asks…

Are atheists prisoners of a religious society?

There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, but we all know that’s a freakin joke. “In God We Trust” is clear evidence that there is only at best a theoretical separation of church and state. Metaphorically speaking, are there bars on the windows of society? Are all the doors locked and guarded to prevent atheists from experiencing true freedom?

Doug answers:

The prison is as fictional as any other delusion. Only you can prevent yourself from experiencing freedom.

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Your Questions About Church Windows

Sharon asks…

how to reduce my stress?

I have a lot of stress and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I’m a 15 year old girl. I don’t really do much. I’m not in any sports and I don’t have a hobby. I go to school, come home, take a nap, wake up, work out, eat, go to sleep. That’s how my days are except on sundays when I go to church. So I don’t know what I’m stressed out from. Well a few years ago someone broke into a couple houses on our street and ever since then I’ve had the feeling to check out all the windows and doors and make sure knowone is outside or i’ll feel bad. If I don’t do that I feel like if someone broke into our house I could of seen them when I looked out the window and call the police. I don’t know why that happens. Also, my dad works in a chemical factory and I’m scared when he goes to work. I’m scared it’s going to blow up or something when he’s at work. Then I start thinking all these bad thought about what if this or that happens. I’m always thinking about what if. It’s like I cant enjoy my life anymore. Plus I have no confidence. I get made fun of at school for being the quiet girl. And thats affected me a lot too. I get to the point where I start walking funny and I feel like I’m always being judged. I have friends at school. But I dont have many classes with them so its awcuard in class. Another thing is, last year I wasnt girly. I was more of a tom girl. But now i’ve changed. Not because of other people but for me. But I dont show that confident girly side at school because i’m afraid of what they’ll say. Like i dont know. I’m afraid to do anything. Plus i’m stressed because i have a d in one of my medical classes and im stressed over it. I’ve gotten so stressed that i get panic attacks out in public and my chest and lungs are sore from breathing hard from stress i guess. Can anyone help me. Do you know any ways to reduce stress. Any relaxing techniques besides breathing techniques. Any home remedies or medicine or any advice. Thanks
Plus i need to know how to boost my self esteem up.

Doug answers:

I think seeing a therapist or healthcare professional is a wise idea. Seeing your guidance conselour is also a good idea. What don’t you see NIHM or NAMI and chat will others going through the same thing you are. They could give you some coping skills.
Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

Christians do your preacher break the second commandment?

Exodus 20:4
4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Now before you answer the question, with, he didn’t make these things in his church building. It doesn’t matter, if it’s in his church, he/she is still guilty because they are there.
Preachers don’t make a good example to follow for their congregation when you walk into the synagogue and there are pictures (which is some white man who is suppose to be Jesus Christ), a cross, different symbols of angels or whatever they have plastered on their windows.
And the first thing they want everyone to do is welcome God into their hearts.
Why in the world would the Holy Spirit be in a place where the preacher doesn’t follow commands?
Let me guess, because that is also a sin that Jesus came and died for.
Augustine, let me help you out with your so call, I’m taken scripture out of context. The piece that you applied to. That came afterwards. So no I did not take scripture out of context. You on the other hand don’t know scripture.
But since you want to be a know it all here goes the text you are speaking about.

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

Doug answers:

The real Christian church is not a building. So, = NO =

Chris asks…

4 year old driving me nuts!

my son will be 5 9/3 hes making me crazy! i have an older daughter and almost 1y/o twin boys, but since hes been like 2 he NEVER listens i have to watch him, 24-7, i sleep like 2-3hrs a night cause he gets up and will sneek out to ride his bike or to play.. i sleep on the couch blocking the front door now hes going out windows so I fixed that problem to.
Im loosing it! we tried ADD meds they make him worse! iv tried church, sports, play groups but as usual he dont listen their either and im told to not bring him anymore! Im not doing anything right to make him better What can I do??? Iv whipped his butt to puting him in a corner, I have to sit on him to get him to sit out for any amount of time, Iv done everything and nothing works!
The doc’s laugh and say boys will be boys yeah but he has to stop he cant go to school acting like this! anything you can tell me to try Ill try! thanks ahead of time!
since I had the twins its harder I feel like I cant do it anymore, Iv looked up boy homes but I know I couldnt ever do that but Im really really loosing my mind with him.
he has a dad who works, theirs 6 of us so he works 7days a week..we been to a childs councler… but the past few days i been making him come in and sit for every little thing he does bad, and its helping he listens the first or second time..this is only 3 or 4 days but i think time outs are the trick to him!! i hate to whipp its not for me and it so dont work!!
thanks all!!
just wanted to add to this to let ya know~~

Doug answers:

First off – It WILL be ok, I know being in the middle of it probably doesn’t feel like it – but you and your son will make it through this!

Have you taken him to a child counselor (therapist); they may be able to help him and hopefully they can shine some light on the situation for you. I would think they would have suggestions on how to handle the behaviors he is exhibiting, while also being able to talk with him and maybe see where some of these actions are coming from.

Four year olds are always going to test the waters and see what they can get away with, but at this age they know the difference between right and wrong and should be learning how to make “good choices”.

Besides that boys will be boys – have you gotten any constructive feedback form your Family Doctor? Have they looked into him needing meds outside of ADD? Could there be an underlying problem, that results in these behaviors, like the getting up at wee hours.

I hope you find help, please reach out!! As a mother we tend to take too much on (you already have enough) and we personalize the situation and want to blame and doubt ourselves. This will do you, your son and other children no good!!

You are in my prayers!

Richard asks…

am i hearing a ghost or is it my imagination?

Well.. so im my recent questions i have talked about “thinking” i have seen ghosts/heard them. But yesterday i was just freaking out. It all started when i was sitting in my mom’s room reading her book. It was kinda like her diary, but it was her weight loss plan, because(my goal in heath is to loose weight.) and so i was just sitting there and i heard, NO felt!!! viberations like loud pounding on the ground. I WAS HOME ALONE. my family was at church and i stayed home. So i tried to ignore it and closed the book and opened up a magazine. THEN i heard loud ripping sounds and i was like Sh*t!! i again TRIED to ignore it and I heard it again! my chest started getting heavy and like sorta shocking feelings. like it hurt to breathe in. so i jumped up and started saying, “please dont hurt me, im sorry..” and i ran out of the room to the kitchen and sat there. Then the DISHWASHER randomly started sending my heart to 10000 mph. and it quickly clicked off.

ohh and thats not it.

The refrigerator started making sounds like it was pouring water and ice out, then the sink started making noises. I seriously almost started crying so i ran over to the desk and grabbed the keys to the druck and put my dads Barn coat on and ran to the truck. I started it and locked all the doors and just sat there. Then all the windows started making crackling sounds and i called my grandma she said she’d be there in 15 min. they were out of town.. and i just sat there, headlights on and everything. i was shaking so badly.
my parents drove in through the driveway and i shut the truck off,(this was 7 min. later, they finnally got back from church) and i jumped out and told my sister the whole story. My mom said She started the dishwasher earlier and turned the ice maker on in the fridge and also she had a paper up on the wall that fell down.. but SERIOUSLY? I was freaking way out.
But the thing is, everynight when i lay in bed i hear these “dragging noises.” like someone is running their feet on the carpet. so i now sleep with a flashlight in bed. I cant even take showers in the morning because im scared there is a ghost in the bathroom watching me. so i cant wash my face under the spray of the water.(because i cant see..) Am i like crazy? I have been acting so weird lately. ever since parinormal activity and i watched that almost 2 months ago.

Doug answers:

I dont think your crazy
and im pretty sure paranormal activity did this to you

Im alot like you getting scared easy and all
But its true that you can scare yourself

Like a year ago after my sis woke up screaming, i was scarred for months, to the point where i just KNEW i heard someone talking downstairs about a plan to break in the house
and then me and my sister heard “ghosts” calling each of our names
I couldnt even stay home alone without hearing someone in the basement, i felt unsafe all the time and felt like God was mean, i even asked a question about it too!

Well as time passed, i healed up
and one night ( i think this was a night terror) i woke up and saw a man walking towards my side of the bed, i screamed and ran to my parents room, my heart was racing, i was having cold chills i thought i was going to vomit, my dad checked the house and there was no one there… ( i still sleep with my light on every night :/ )

so why i told you all that, you arnt the only one who experiences things like that
Enough about me
I honestly feel like you heard that stuff..since there are explanations for most of it, you can be less worried..

I believe in God, but i feel like there are such things as ghost
In your case, try not to be worried, there were explanations, and unless something happens out of the ordinary again, dont be worried

Just try to stay home with people, not alone

It is true that when you scare yourself, every little noise because a huge scarefess
You hear things that arnt there, and you can freak yourself out so much
Just try to remain calm

I hope i helped in a way..

Good luck
God bless

Daniel asks…

Question For all Scientologists? Is it illegal to be paid so little?..?

how does the church get away with paying their staff so little?..
especially regging people to be on staff, (I was regged) having no clue what I was getting myself i . nto. they never tell you you’re only going to make $10 a week!
This is ILLEGAL!! How do they get away with this??
Then, try and make you feel guilty if you have to go to a ‘wog job’ or make financial ends meet..
This is disgusting, I don’t understand how this is allowed.. to say ‘we’re hiring in the window, and make people think they can have a ‘job’ not knowing.. I know I know it’s volunteering, blah blah blah, but they don’t tell you this before you sign your contract!!

and then REFUSE to let you leave after you realize what you’re making..
I would love to hear from Scientologists staff preferably about this!!??

thank you.
It’s bad when you feel you HAVE to keep working there and when you don’t make any money, I was borrowing money from my parents, and even took out a loan, that I didn’t feel I should pay back because i was working on staff.!
pretty arrogant I know!
Yes, there ARE Scientologists on here.. which is why I’m asking..

Doug answers:

I’m former staff and what you say is true. I think they do get away with it by saying it’s a church, you’re volunteering. However, this may change.

Marc and Claire Headley are suing the church over just that issue.

Someone else on a forum to which I participate has been compiling labor abuse examples to provide to a local municipality where there’s a big Sea Org center.

I do NOT agree with Hubbard’s policies and reasons for paying staff so little. I won’t ever defend that. But I’m also going to say that they don’t even keep the promises made in and by Scn policy. The policy’s bad enough but the reality gets even worse from there.

You may enjoy the ex Scientologist msg board.

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