'Spring Into Art' Friday in Duluth

The mystery of stained glass results from the addition of metallic salts throughout glass blowing. The outcome is an extremely stunning coloration that, when surrounded by lead foil, produces a one of a kind artistic masterpiece. By way of example, adding cobalt creates a vibrant blue color, whereas copper oxides produce a green glass. Modern approaches have replaced the addition of gold to make glass having a red tone, substituting copper to get a brighter outcome. A variation of the manufacturing method is usually to paint glass and fuse it inside a kiln for permanent applications.

Free stained glass patterns 209 – Stained glass patterns for free

This website present some of the most beautifulle free stained glass patterns.

Sculptures at home in the Botanic Garden

Last year, Willa Ashworth donated a spherical metal artwork to the Botanic Garden and this year Jude Goss, founder of Lucian Stained Glass, donated a selection of standing stained-glass sculptures exhibited in the Chinese Herb Garden over the Easter
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Mausoleum Stained Glass | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

VF peered into a mausoleum and brought this fine example of stained glass to my attention in Oakland Cemetery, Coventry RI.

When everything old is made new again

There's simply no shortage to the variety of antique details that can be incorporated into a home's design, with everything from stained-glass windows and plaster medallions for the ceiling to old light sconces on the wall, glass doorknobs and dated
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'Spring Into Art' Friday in Duluth

Art and collectibles also will be on display. Ken Hardeman, Marianne Sanders and Gray Eaton of Hardeman Fine Art Glass are in charge of the spring event. Hardeman Fine Art Glass will feature a demonstration on creating stained glass art.
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